Fairmont Motorcars

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Fairmont Railway Motors of Fairmont, Minnesota produced many track cars for Maintenance of Way purposes over the years. Now, track cars are an icon of the past. Here is a link to the Minnesota Martin County Historical Society:Fairmont's Industrial Revolution.

Fairmont Railway Motors was acquired by Harsco Corporation in 1979 and is now part of Harsco Rail; click here for a corporate history.

I bought my first motor car in 1973, an S2 Series H then owned by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. Originally built in May 1949 and sold to the New York Central, the MBTA acquired the car when the Highlands Branch (former Boston and Albany branch) was purchased in 1958. The MBTA never operated the car after perhaps initial movement, and the car languished on the Reservoir station platform from 1958 or so to 1973. I'm told a mate to this car was at Riverside, until put on the nearby railroad mainline by vandals and destroyed in a collision.

In October 2000 I bought another S2, former Union Pacific S2 number 1491. I believe this car was manufactured in 1952.

The time has come, unfortunately, for me to recognize that I just don't have the time anymore in season to operate my motorcars. They are for sale (last update: August 2008). I'd like to sell both as one sale, as is with all my parts collection, manuals, and spares, but without a trailer (highway, not rail). Also included are two rail axles with 12" aluminum wheels suitable for fabricating a work trailer. I can deliver within 150 miles of Worcester MA (but would require 2 trips). $4700. Use the email at the bottom of the page for inquiries or offers.

Notes from October 2007:
Both cars need a front tow link and be fitted with a stoplight switch to meet current NARCOA standards (both have taillights, 12V battery, and alternator). My former NYC car was restored with all Fairmont factory materials, including wiring harness and 12V alternator option (such parts were available in the late 1970s). The former UP car was restored by the previous owner.

For those interested from farther away, my transport suggestion is a one-way rental truck with an 18-20 ft cargo space to hold both cars, all spares, and miscellaneous material.

Send email to  for inquiries.

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